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ZGMC Sic Slurry Pumps

•Pumping of abrasive and corrosive media •The wet parts made of industrial ceramic pump(Sic) •Inlet:Axial •Outlet:Vertical •Connection method:Coupling or gearbox •According to the wear performance test of the contrast material in the Institute of Wear-resistant Materials of the University, it is proved that the wear resistance of silicon carbide ceramic material is 3.15 times higher than that of high chromium alloy (Cr30). •The pump shell and guard plate lining are made of silicon carbide ceramic, and the external metal armor is used. The overall reliability of the pump is high, the safety is good, and the disassembly is convenient. •The special ingredients and process of ceramic materials ensure that the metal shell and ceramic lining are integrated and tightly combined. •The ceramic impeller is made of ceramic lined 316L stainless steel shaft head structure and silicon carbide ceramic material as a whole. The mechanical strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the impeller are fundamentally guaranteed.


  • Description
  • Technical data Scope of application Material
    Inlet diameter:50-350mm
    Max flow:up to 2700m³/h
    Max head:up to 110m
    Max power:up to 1200kw
    Pumping of abrasive and corrosive media 
    • FGD 
    • Fine tailings  
    • Minerals concentrate  
    • Ni acid slurry 
    • Phosphoric acid 
    • Process chemical 
    • Pigment industry
    • Fertilizer industry / 
    • Potash industry
    Mechanical seal:  Duplex SS+ SiC


    ZGMC industrial ceramic pump is manufactured by using the "ceramic+metal" composite manufacturing process. The core technology is based on the efficient hydraulic model of the metal pump, which is especially suitable for conveying highly abrasive and corrosive media.
    Ceramic materials are professional and reliable. According to the characteristics of conveying slurry, the ceramic material with high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance is developed. The unique casting technology ensures the reliability of the combination of ceramic material and metal parts. 



    1.Coulping                                Pin coulping/Flexible coulping/Belt connection
    2.Locknut                                  Material cast iron
    3.Front bearing cover              Material cast iron
    4.Oil seal                                   Material  Fluorine rubber(Long service life than normal material)
    5.Ball bearing                           Brand SKF/NSK/HRB
    6.Shaft                                      Material 3Cr13
    7.Bearing house                       Material cast iron
    8.Frame cover                           Material cast iron
    9.Frame                                      Material cast iron
    10.Ball bearing                          Brand SKF/NSK/HRB
    11.Oil seal                                  Material  Fluorine rubber(Long service life than normal material)
    12.Rear bearing cover               Material 45#/SS316/Duplex SS
    13.Water-Resistant Ring           Material 45#/SS316/Duplex SS
    14.Key                                         Material 45#/SS316/Duplex SS
    15.Packing cover                        Material 45#/SS316/Duplex SS
    16.Bearing sleeve                       Material 45#/SS316/Duplex SS
    17.Spacer sleeve                         Material 45#/SS316/Duplex SS
    18.Graphite Packing  
    19.Water seal ring                      Material 45#/SS316/Duplex SS
    20.Gland sealing box                 Material 45#/SS316/Duplex SS
    21.Expeller                                  Material 45#/SS316/Duplex SS
    22.Protective plate                     Material Ceramic lining steel
    23.Impeller                                  Material Ceramic lining steel
    24.Pump body                            Material ceramic wet parts,Cast steel casing
    25.Outlet connection pipe         Material cast iron lining ceramic
    26. Inlet connection pipe           Material cast iron lining ceramic

    • ZGMC Sic Slurry Pumps


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