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ZGM Slurry Pumps

•Pumping wear-resisting slurry or sewage •The wet parts made of high chromium alloy Cr30/Cr27/A05/A49(Wear resistance material) •Inlet:Axial •Outlet:Vertical •Connection method:Coupling or belt or gearbox • Grease or oil lubrication bearing assembly options offer ease of maintenance and reduced downtime • Optional dry running shaft seal reduces or eliminates flush water requirements • Effective expeller prolongs packing life while reducing or eliminating flush water requirement • Now featuring throatbush and impeller combination designed to enhance efficiency and improve wear performance • Interchangeability of seal arrangements – full flush, low flow, centrifugal, or mechanical seals may be fitted to any sized pump


  • Description
  • Technical data Scope of application Material
    Inlet diameter:50-350mm
    Max flow:up to 2700m³/h
    Max head:up to 110m
    Max power:up to 1200kw
    Pumping of abrasive and corrosive media
    • Ball mill discharge
    • Bottom/fly ash, lime grinding 
    • Coal
    • Coarse sand 
    • Coarse tailings 
    • Dredging 
    • FGD 
    • Fine tailings
    • Flotation 
    • Heavy media 
    • Minerals concentrate 
    • Mineral sands 
    • Ni acid slurry 
    • Oil sands 
    • Phosphoric acid 
    • Phosphate matrix 
    • Process chemical 
    • Pulp and paper 
    • Rod mill discharge 
    • SAG mill discharge 
    • Wet crushers
    Impeller:High chrome
    Casing:High chrome
    Mechanical seal:  SS316+ SiC


    ZGM series is a single-stage, horizontal centrifugal slurry pump. It is a new type of abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant slurry pump developed by HEBEI TONGDA PUMP CO.,LTD, according to the increasing practical needs of the slurry pump in the basic industries such as coal, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, etc., and in view of the complexity and particularity of its application conditions. In hydraulic model design, structural design and wear-resistant materials used, this series of pumps widely absorb and innovate advanced technologies and research achievements at home and abroad, and have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, small vibration, low noise, reliable operation, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc

    No Name Material No Name Material
    1 Impeller Cr27/Cr30/Rubber 8 FPL insert Cr27/Cr30
    2 Volute casing Cr27/Cr30/Rubber 9 Expeller Cast iron
    3 Front housing Cast iron 10 stuffing box Cast iron
    4 Throughbush Cr27/Cr30/Rubber 11 shaft sleeve 4Cr13
    5 Inlet short pipe Cast iron 12 Bracket cover Cast iron
    6 Outlet short pipe Cast iron 13 coupling Cast iron
    7 Rear housing Cast iron 14 bracket Cast iron


    • ZGM Slurry Pumps


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