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TDT Desulphurization FGD Pumps

•Pumping limestone slurry for FGD system •The wet parts made of A49/Cr30(Corrosion resistance and wear resistance material) •Inlet:Axial •Outlet:Vertical •Connection method:Coupling or gearbox • The pump structure is rear dismountable,simple and easy to maintain.No need to disassemble the suction and rising pipes. The unique stainless split type impeller disassembly ring can easily realize the impeller disassembly • The pump is connected with the motor or reducer by the diaphragm coupling, with good dynamic balance, strong resistance to shock, large transmission torque, steady pump running and safety and reliability


  • Description
  • Technical data Scope of application Material
    Inlet diameter:25-900mm
    Max flow:up to 18000m³/h
    Max head:up to 40m
    Max power:up to 1800kw
    Pumping of abrasive and corrosive media
    •FGD system
    •Limestone slurry
    Mechanical seal:  SS316+ SiC


    TDT desulphurization FGD pumps are horizontal centrifugal pumps , developed and researched by HEBEI TONGDA PUMP CO.,LTD for desulphurization purification plant of coal-fired device in the thermal power plant, and mainly as absorber recirculation pumps of the wet FGD device to transport the limestone and gypsum slurry. Using the features of domestic and foreign similar products, the product has the advantages of broad flow range. safe and liable operation, easy to maintain efficient and energy saving, long service life, etc.


    No. Name Material No. Name Material
    1 Impeller A49/Cr30 5 Suction Cover QT500
    2 Pump Body A49/Cr30 6 Join Bar QT500
    3 Front Guard A49/Cr30 7 Shaft Sleeve 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti
    4 Back Guard A49/Cr30 8 Machine Seal 316L+Sic


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