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IH Chemical Pumps

• Pumping chemical liquid • The wet parts made of SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L • Inlet:Axial • Outlet:Vertical • Connection method:Coupling • Designed in accordance with ISO2858Standard; • Advanced and reasonable structure • High mechanical strength • Good sealing performance; • Good anti-cavitation performance. • Corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance • High reliability and long service life • Stable operation and high efficiency. • Convenient dismantling and repair


  • Description
  • Technical data Scope of application Material
    Inlet diameter:50-250mm
    Max flow:up to 500m³/h
    Max head:up to 140m
    Max power:up to 160kw
    * Chemical raw material industry
    * Pharmaceutical industry
    * Paper-making industry
    * Paint, pigment and dye industry
    * Pesticide and fertilizer industry
    * Household chemicals industry
    * Food and beverage industry
    * Petrochemical industry
    * Synthetic fiber manufacturing industry 
    * Washing agent and laundry detergent industry
    Mechanical seal:  SS316+ SiC


    IH chemical pump is a single-stage single suction (end suction) centrifugal pump, which is suitable for transporting corrosive liquids with viscosity similar to water without solid particles . IH chemical pump is designed in accordance with ISO 2858 End suction centrifugal pumps(rating 16 bar)-designation, nominal duty point and dimension. The temperature of the liquid should be - 20~105℃. It can pump higher temperature liquid if equipped with cooling measures. It is suitable for chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, paper making, food, pharmaceutical,pesticide, dye and sewage treatment.

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