Water pump energy saving eight tips


2022-09-19 15:53

1. Shorten the pipeline as far as possible.

2, do not use "anti-aircraft gun" type outlet pipe. Because the outlet pipe increases energy consumption. At the same time, the water pump outlet is opposite to the pool.

3, try to increase the diameter of the outlet pipe.

4, timely removal of blockage in the pipeline. Foreign matter left in the inlet pipe, impeller or diversion shell flow passage, will reduce the water output.

5, try to use the coupling direct transmission, this is because the coupling direct transmission than belt transmission efficiency.

6. On the premise of ensuring clean water intake, the filter screen can be removed.

7. Carefully check the sealing parts of the water pump to prevent the air intake of the water pump. If the water pump into the air, the water output will be significantly reduced.

8, can use the motor is not diesel engine or gasoline engine, conditions with three-phase asynchronous motor is not single-phase asynchronous motor.

The water pump





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