Brief introduction of chemical pump sealing related knowledge


2022-09-19 10:18

Mechanical seal is the core parts of chemical pump, and it is a wearing part. The normal use and protection of mechanical seal has a crucial effect on the use of mechanical seal. Let's introduce the mechanical seal of chemical centrifugal pump in the normal work and protection of the operation required.
Chemical centrifugal pumps commonly used mechanical seals are shown in the following table
Title: FB, AFB corrosion resistant centrifugal pump
1. Preparation and precautions before starting
a. Check whether the mechanical seal, subordinate equipment and pipeline device are complete and meet the technical requirements.
b. Before starting the mechanical seal, carry out static pressure test to check whether the mechanical seal leaks. If leakage is more, should find out the reason and try to eliminate. If still invalid, it should be disassembled and re-installed. General static pressure test pressure with 2-3 kg/cm2.
c. Press the pump to turn the wheel to check whether it is light and uniform. If the wheel is laborious or not moving, we should check whether the device scale is wrong and whether the device is reasonable.
2. Installation and shutdown
a. The filling body in the sealed cavity should be adhered to before starting. In the case of transporting condensed media, steam is used to melt the media by heating the sealing chamber. It is necessary to turn the car before starting to prevent the sudden start and the formation of soft ring fracture.
b. For the mechanical seal of the pump outer sealing system, the oil sealing system should be started first. Stop the sealing system after parking.
c. The cooling water of the oil seal chamber and the end seal cannot be stopped immediately after the hot oil pump shuts down. The cooling water can be stopped only when the oil temperature at the end seal is below 80 degrees to avoid damage to the sealing parts.
3. Work
a. If there is a slight leakage phenomenon after the pump starts, it should be investigated for a period of time. If the leakage is still not reduced after 4 hours of continuous work, the pump should be stopped to check.
b. The operating pressure of the pump should be stable, and the pressure should not be more than 1 kg/square centimeter.
c. During the work of the pump, it should prevent the occurrence of leisure, avoid the formation of sealing surface dry conflict and seal damage.

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