Rapid development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry South China pump integration pump station innovation and energy conservation


2022-09-19 16:01

Energy saving and environmental protection market development prospect is broad pump industry energy saving is very important

With the continuous and rapid development of China's economy and the continuous increase of the urban process and industrialization process, environmental pollution is becoming increasingly serious, and the country attaches more and more importance to environmental protection. The national "13th Five-Year Plan" emphasizes that during the 13th Five-Year plan period, the main tasks and targets of energy conservation and environmental protection industry are to build the energy conservation and environmental protection industry into a pillar industry of the Chinese economy in the next five years. 

The year 2016 is the outbreak period of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, which promotes the rise of market segments, including sponge cities, soil remediation, black and stinky water treatment, PPP projects, air pollution control, garbage disposal, kitchen projects and so on. As the country attaches more and more importance to the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, various environmental protection policies have been promulgated, forcing enterprises to control pollution and save energy. Green development has become the mainstream direction of enterprise development, and the energy conservation and environmental protection industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities. Pump industry as an important part of the field of energy conservation, about how to use the good situation, into the field of environmental protection development, Xie Xiuyuan said: "environmental governance, pump as a source of water power, emphasizing the key equipment of water treatment, pump energy saving can play a decisive role. Especially in some normal operation, high power, bad environment occasions. Now all walks of life attach importance to environmental protection, South China pump industry has been innovation for the company's development concept, based on hard work, create high-quality products to serve the society, help the development of environmental protection industry."

Technology is the foundation of the enterprise South China pump industry technology innovation and development

After the reform and opening up, foreign pump companies poured into China, is almost crazy, a wide range of equity stakes in state-owned companies pump, pump industry market in China is already the "m pump companies" development trend, but the pump pump industry at present, the world's top ten companies has factories in China, in the face of foreign competition industry giants, China's pump prices should be how to deal with, xie embroidered edge said: "The development OF China's pump industry also has a century-long history. The fact that the leading pump industry has factories in China shows that the domestic pump market has great potential. China's pump companies also have a lot of room for development. China pump industry wants to become bigger and stronger, one is to rely on their own existing funds, as soon as possible to upgrade themselves; The second is to take the road of the capital market, obtain the financing funds for rebirth, expansion and self-expansion, integrate the industry resources, merge and restructure the industry, and be the guide of the industry segment."

Advanced technology is the foundation of the development of enterprises, but also the stepping stone to create the market, only with advanced technology, can occupy a place in the fierce competition in the market. China pump industry today at least 80% of the Chinese pump enterprises regardless of technology, management, or production methods compared with the world's top pump enterprises still gap for 30 years. At present, South China pump company is mainly in the promotion of integrated pump station products, referring to South China pump industry, Xie Xiuyuan said: "In terms of technology, South China pump industry has 18 technology patents, products have been updated for the third generation of products in 2 years, I believe that the enterprise with independent innovation will be able to stand firm in the market and develop steadily. South China Pump industry is a young and dynamic pump enterprises, innovation is the company has been the development of the concept. The company's annual investment in R&D capital accounts for 1/5 of the company's sales. In the face of the development stage of the environmental protection industry, the company will invest more in environmental protection products in the future. We hope to make a good product in the industry's top ten, so as to drive the company's brand into the industry's top ten."

Huanan Pump industry is committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the pump industry

Huanan Pump industry has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, national Ministry of Construction environmental protection enterprise credit card, national Special equipment design license and other qualification certificates, which are enough to show the strength of enterprise technology. South China pump industry products in water supply and drainage, water purification, water supply in the areas of strengths and formed a complete chain, in the field of environmental protection, for the company's future development planning, xie embroidered edge said: "south China pump industry from a traditional pump, pump stations, water supply, water purification equipment, developed the integration is under the development of the environmental protection industry are driven. The company now shows a total of 7 related products in this exhibition, which also proves that Huanan pump industry is the main promotion product for the environmental protection industry. In the next three years, I hope South China Pump industry can base itself on the domestic market and serve the overseas market in the integrated pump station products."

South China pump industry general pump design, no negative pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment design, the integration of pumping station design are the country's major promotion project, the ring of exposition, south China pump industry 7 product launch, including 5 push for new products, including horizontal integration of precast pumping station and sewage purification equipment for the future to promote integration of the two models. The horizontal integrated precast pump station has a more outstanding effect in the promotion of municipal sewage and rainwater. Integrated sewage purification equipment in villages, towns and other small sewage treatment will also have a larger market.

Energy conservation and environmental protection





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