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ISG Vertical pipe pumps

• Pumping clean water or chemical liquid • The wet parts made of cast iron/cast steel/SS304/SS316 • Inlet:Axial • Outlet:Axial • Connection method:Direct connect with the motor ISW series single-stage horizontal and ISG single-stage vertical centrifugal pumps are new generation inline pumps, which are energy saving and environment friendly. Considering difference of the working temperature and medium, other models IRG hot water inline pump, IHG corrosive resistant chemical inline pump, YG petrochemical inline pump are derived from ISG clean water pump.


  • Description
  • Technical data Scope of application Material
    Inlet diameter:32-500mm
    Max flow:up to 1800m³/h
    Max head:up to 142m
    Max power:up to 160kw
    * District Heating and hot water circulating
    * Chemical industry and Paper making
    * Food and beverage, 
    * Metallurgy and Power
    * Gasoline and diesel transportation, 
    * water treatment and environmental protection
    Impeller:Cast iron/Cast steel/SS304/SS316
    Casing:Cast iron/Cast steel/SS304/SS316
    Mechanical seal:  SS316+ SiC




    • ISG Vertical pipe pumps


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Our products covers desulphurization pump, slurry pump, chemical pump, mud pump, water pump and so on. We mainly provide solutions for various industries, such as mining, metallurgy,electric power, petroleum, chemical, and paper-making.