What are the types of chemical pumps and their respective application occasions


2022-09-16 17:55

Design institute in the design of equipment, to determine the use and performance of chemical pump and choose the collapse type. This choice has to start from the choice of chemical pump type and form, so what principle to choose chemical pump? On what basis?

First, understand the selection principle of chemical pump

1. Make the type and performance of the selected chemical pump meet the requirements of process parameters such as flow rate, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation flow rate and suction range.

2, must meet the requirements of medium characteristics.

For the transport of flammable, explosive toxic or precious medium chemical pump, the shaft seal is required to be reliable or non-leakage chemical pump, such as magnetic drive chemical pump, diaphragm chemical pump, shield chemical pump.

For the transportation of corrosive medium chemical pump, the convective parts are required to use corrosion resistant materials, such as AFB stainless steel corrosion resistant chemical pump, CQF engineering plastic magnetic drive chemical pump.

For the transport of chemical pumps containing solid particles medium, it is required that the convective parts use wear-resistant materials, and the shaft seal is washed with clean liquid when necessary.

3, mechanical reliability, low noise, small vibration.

4. Economically, the total cost of equipment cost, operation cost, maintenance cost and management fee should be taken into account.

5, centrifugal chemical pump has the characteristics of high speed, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, simple structure, no pulsation of infusion, stable performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Therefore, in addition to the following circumstances, centrifugal chemical pumps should be selected as far as possible:

a. Metering chemical pump shall be selected when metering requirements are met

b, the head is very high, the flow is very small and no suitable small flow high head centrifugal chemical pump can be selected, can choose the reciprocating chemical pump, such as cavitation requirements are not high, can also choose vortex chemical pump.

c. When the head is very low and the flow is very large, axial flow chemical pump and mixed flow chemical pump can be selected.

d, medium viscosity is large (greater than 650~1000mm2/s), can be considered to choose the rotor chemical pump or reciprocating chemical pump (gear chemical pump, chemical pump. Screw chemical pump)

e, the gas content of the medium is 75%, the flow is small and the viscosity is less than 37.4mm2/s, the vortex chemical pump can be selected.

f, on the occasion of frequent start or irrigation pump inconvenience, should choose a chemical pump with self-priming performance, such as self-priming centrifugal chemical pump, self-priming vortex chemical pump, pneumatic (electric) diaphragm chemical pump.





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