The principle of self-priming sewage pump and the scope of use


2022-09-16 17:54

ZW self-priming unblocked sewage pump is a novel product developed successfully on the basis of similar technology. ZW self-priming sewage pump set self-priming and non-blocked sewage in one, using axial reflux external mixing type, and through the pump body, impeller flow channel unique design, can be like the general self-priming clean water pump does not need to install the bottom valve and irrigation water, but also suction discharge containing large particles of solid and long fiber impurities liquid, Can be widely used in municipal sewage engineering, river aquaculture, light industry, paper making, textile, food, chemical industry, electrical industry, fiber, slurry and mixed suspension chemical medium ideal impurity pump. Compared WITH SIMILAR domestic products, ZW self-PRIming sewage pump has the characteristics of simple structure, good self-priming performance, strong sewage capacity, energy saving, easy to use and maintenance.





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